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Unlike you or I, pets simply can’t use a cotton bud to remove wax from their ears. On top of that, it is generally very difficult to know there is anything wrong until it is too late. After all, pets, and dogs in particular, are experts at hiding pain. It is important for pet owners to have their pets' ears cleaned regularly. And when it comes to high-quality ear cleaning for your pet, one name trumps all else.

With a highly skilled team of pet care professionals and a reputation for excellence, The Soapy Paw should be the number one team you call to take care of your pet’s needs. Our team can assure a painless and effective treatment that will leave them feeling as good as new.

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The simple truth of the matter is that ear cleaning for a cat or dog is a highly skilled task that is best left to the professionals. At The Soapy Paw we have the best professionals possible working on this important treatment. So, if you want your pet to have their ears cleaned in an efficient but straightforward fashion, then there is only one number to call. With years of experience and premium customer service, you’ll be glad you chose us. Call today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about the wide range of other services we offer.

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