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Dog Grooming Services

As any dog owner will know, a dog's hearing is one of their greatest strengths and one which distinguishes them from other animals. However, the potential buildup that may arise from not having their ears cleaned can lead to possible irritation and even infection.

With a wealth of experience and a commitment to pet care excellence, The Soapy Paw offers a unique service that simply will not be beat for either price or quality. We'll make sure your dog's hearing is at its best, and their ears are clean and healthy.

Benefits of Regular Ear Cleaning Treatments

By investing in a professional ear cleaning treatment, you are not only reducing the likelihood of bacteria spreading in your dog's ears, but you are also ensuring that their hearing remains at the appropriate level. At The Soapy Paw, we use a specially formulated, all-natural ear solution that unclogs the buildup of wax and other substances but causes no irritation or health risks to your dog.

The reason that dogs have such great hearing is that they are one of the very few animals in the world with a deep ear canal. The length of this hearing canal means that their ear acts as a funnel, and this is what explains their ability to hear even the slightest sound. Unfortunately, the deep ear canal also means that they encounter more ear-related problems than other animals. To put this in perspective, a dog's ear canal is shaped somewhat like the letter 'L.' Thankfully, the skill of our team combined with the effectiveness of our natural product line makes an easy fix out of a tough problem.

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At The Soapy Paw, we offer a premium ear cleaning service that is unrivaled in Monroe. Our professional team has the skill and ability to tackle even the most sensitive of dogs' ears with care and attention. What's more, our flexible scheduling options and affordable prices mean that our service will meet your needs, not the other way around.

For most pet owners, their dog is very much an extended member of the family. That is why he or she deserves to receive the best professional pet service care that Monroe has to offer. Contact us today to book your appointment!