Animal Ear Cleaning in Lake Stevens

The Soapy Paw is the premier dog grooming facility in the area. With diligent, trained staff, state-of-the-art equipment, and all-natural cleaning products, we are the first-choice groomers for dog owners looking to pamper their pup.

Our ear cleaning services are precise and painless. Our grooming specialists have an in-depth understanding of the dog's ear canal and will ensure flawless results, every time.

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Ear Cleaning Services for Dogs

Have you noticed that your dog has become less and less responsive to your calls recently? Or maybe he or she has stopped responding to you altogether. This may be brushed off as old age or adolescent disobedience, but sometimes the reason that your pet can't hear you very well because of a blockage in their ear canals. The remedy is simple: a careful ear cleaning from The Soapy Paw.

The reason why it is so important to have your dog's ears cleaned regularly is because of their unique ear canals. Unlike other animals, dogs have very long ear canals. To make matters even more complicated, they also usually take a right-angle bend. That means that material can easily get lodged in their ears, and it is much harder to get it out. This is particularly risky after swimming where water can pool in their ears.

Thankfully, our grooming specialists are adept at removing blockages from the ear canals of all breeds of dogs. We're confident that we can restore your dog's hearing quickly and painlessly.

Passionate Dog Groomers

Our clients appreciate the genuine, dog-loving atmosphere in our shop. Our team is made up of passionate dog grooming specialists. Not only do we have unparalleled knowledge of dogs and how to properly groom them, but we wholeheartedly love interacting with canines of all kinds.

Before we start your dog's ear cleaning, you can expect us to speak with you about your dog's personality and temperament. We'll also establish a connection with your dog before handling them. We seek to make your pup comfortable and at ease from start to finish. Rest assured, we'll provide them with all the hugs, scratches, and love they need for an enjoyable grooming experience.

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