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Treat your pets to a complete grooming session in a quiet, stress-free environment at The Soapy Paw. Walk-ins are always welcome, and you can receive 10% OFF when you bring your pet in for recurring haircuts every 6 weeks!

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12 Dogs of Christmas Giveaway

With the season of giving The Soapy Paw is having a 12 Dogs of Christmas Giveaway. If you know someone who is on hard times or is in need of help with their dogs and can't get them groomed, we asked that you write us letter about why they need our help for their dog. We will pick 12 dogs that will recieve a free bath and grooming for Christmas. All letters must be sent to us by December 12. Letters can be emailed, mail to us or brought to us at The Soapy Paw.

Our email is fourpawsllc@gmail.com